Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Hopf-Fibration and HiddenVariables in Quantum and ClassicalMechanics

Brian O’Sullivan has rewritten his latest article about having quaternions as hidden variables for a particle and thereby explaining several of the phenomena observed in the quantum reign.

He also proposes an experiment to verify whether his theory is correct, using 3 Stern-Gerlach apparatus in series. 

Although his final conclusions have a bit weakened in comparison to his earlier version (see my previous post), the remain is still very interesting:

In light of the fact that the Quantum theory has not recognized that the qubit is a unit quaternion, we conclude that Quantum Mechanics is not only incomplete but observably inadequate as there are indeed hidden variables unaccounted for by the theory. These hidden variables are found in the parameter space of the spinor.

As written before his ideas very much align with those from Joy Christian, but he has not yet accounted for probably the most profound 'proof of entanglement' in QM, being the EPR-Bell experiment. I am looking forward to see more from this author.

Add 2016/12/10: I have updated the link to the article below, as the former didn't work anymore.
  1.  The Hopf-Fibration and HiddenVariables in Quantum and ClassicalMechanics,
  2. Brian O’Sullivan website:

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