Sunday, 19 June 2016

Independent Confirmation of Joy Christian’s Model

Last week a young physicist from Ireland, Brian O'Sullivan, published an article(1) in which he arrives at the same conclusion as Joy Christian that the hidden variable that is responsible for the spin related behavior of fundamental particles, is based on the constraints of the surface of a 4-dimensional sphere (S3).

While Brian's approach is quite different (for example he uses the quaternion representation of the spin, while Joy tends to use bivectors and Geometric Algebra) both physicists state that the particular quantum behavior is caused by the hopf-vibration between the S3 and the S2 space.

His conclusions are as remarkable as those of Joy Christian:

The parameter space of the quaternion accounts for the statistics of all the fundamental particles, integer and half-integer, in a natural way, and most importantly it does so deterministically.
The theory of the fundamental particles formed from Hamilton's quaternions is a deterministic local Hidden Variable theory.
With no superposition, there is no decoherence, and it follows that Quantum Information is a fundamentally flawed science, and the reason that Quantum Computing has not been achieved to date is that it will never be achieved ...
Brian has not referenced the work of Joy Christian. This, and the fact that his approach is quite different, makes it reasonable to believe that he has made his case and conclusions independently from those of Joy Christian.

EDIT 26/06/2016: The author has temporary retracted his article: "Withdrawn due to the lack of sensitivity regarding the consequences of the presented results"

  1. The Hopf-Fibration and Hidden Variables in Quantum and Classical Mechanics, Brian O'Sullivan, June 14, 2016,