Wednesday, 28 September 2011

First high detection simulation available

In a search to implement a model from Robert Close (1) Chantal Roth found a model that reaches about 73% detection while having a CHSH of 2.8. From the literature it was clear that these model existed (2), but so far I had not been able to find code for this.

The hidden variable is a common angle theta, and the measurement formula (to calculate the spin for a particle)  is:

public int measure(double filter_angle, Particle particle) {
   double theta = particle.getTheta();
   int spin = (int) Math.signum(Math.sin(theta+ filter_angle));
   double pdetect = 2.3*Math.abs(Math.sin(theta + filter_angle));
   if (Math.random()<=pdetect) return spin;
   else return Integer.MIN_VALUE;

When Integer.MIN_VALUE is returned the particle pair is not counted.

Chantal has made the (Java) simulation available from Sourceforge.

  1. Robert Close, and Att.: the model discussed above is different from that of Robert Close.
  2. Part of LH models non-issue for scientific community,

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